SHAWCO is now a Distribution Partner of OVH Foundations Research Institute. This simply means that OVH Foundation will now serve as SHAWCO's supplier of the OVH Electronic Health Management System. SHAWCO will identify a previously dis-advantaged health institution of their own choice, OVH Foundation will supply and facilitate the System for SHAWCO to hand over to the designated institution.

University of Johannesburg, UJ

Other Accesories OVH Foundation will supply to accompany the Electronic System:

(a) 1 x HP Desktop Computers
(b) 1 x Cannon Printers
(c) 1 x Wireless 3G Internet Mordems


SHAWCO Vision:
Working together towards informed, healthy and thriving communities.

SHAWCO Mission:
To Practice and promote responsible citizenship in the South African context through health, education and social entrepreneurship initiatives. SHAWCO aims to create a supportive space for experiential learning and teaching, addressing inequality through innovative and sustainable approaches to community engagement.
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