OVH Health System is an electronic filing system that simply captures two and only two things and these are:

  1. Patient Details, Particulars or Information and
  2. Patient Visits (Also called Patient History)
  3. Patient Appointments (SMS Reminders sent 3 days before-hand)

OVH Server Basement

This software is for FREE and available for use by only Previously Disadvantaged Health Institutions in Africa (i.e. Only African Government / Countries) such as clinics and hospitals situated at the rural areas or sometimes even main cities in poverty-stricken countries.

The main aim of this system is to improve health departments all over Africa with basic administration through the way data is managed, mined and reported to.

Research Case Study:

Scenario 1:
Every time one goes to previously disadvantaged public clinics or hospitals more especially the once situated in the rural areas, the first thing they do is ask for your name and surname, then go to some back-door room full of cabinets where they will start to manually search for your file based on your surname starting from the middle i.e. Surnames with letter "M".
Scenario 2:
For admitted or stay in patience, when their relatives and loved once go to visit them the first thing they do is to ask for the name and date when the patient was admitted. Then they open registry book page-by-page while navigating to see the reason why patient has visited the institution, which will be able to help them identify the actual location where the patient is admitted.
Scenario 3:
Duplication is also a bring problem, some patients especially the once with chronic illnesses i.e. HIV and require monthly medical attention are currently visiting their local clinics or hospitals more than once a month to collect antiretroviral medication. Every time these kinds of patients visit different institution they get regarded as new patients with new patient records and patient numbers even though they are under the same district and region and this gets recorded as distinct record on the reports.
OVH Health (Patient Management) System helps with patient data retrieval through its efficient data search functionality only by providing patient number, name, surname, ID Number or date of birth.

Patient Duplication problem is also resolved permanently since data is captured into the system with each patient record generated with a unique database reference number.

Also, each time a patient visits a particular health institution a background check is done first to see if they havenŐt been in any of near-by health institutions under the same region-district for that particular month since this application operates under a centralized database per individual reason.

Countries Proposed & Introduced to OVH Health System:

ZAMBIA, LUSAKA - University Teaching Hospital (UTH)
Zambia, University Teaching Hospital

Other Accesories Given to UTH other than Software:

(a) 2 x HP Desktop Computers
(b) 2 x Cannon Printers
(c) 2 x Wireless 3G Internet Mordems
KENYA, BONDO DISTRICT - Bondo District Hospital
Kenya, Bondo District Hospital


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ICD-10 Codes Intergration:

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OVH Health Management System is now integrated with the world class standard ICD-10 codes in order to serve our previously dis-advantaged health institutions community on the public sector better.

ICD-10 Codes

Contact Details:


Muga Makatu Managing Director of OVH Health: Muga Makatu

Tel: +27 11 071 1218
Rudzani Mulovhedzi Managing Director of OVH Health: Rudzani Mulovhedzi

Tel: +27 11 071 1218