ADC Experiment

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Experiment Overview

This experiment attempts to demonstrate the conversion of analog signals into digital signals. Analog-to-Digital Convertor abbreviated ADC is essential in modern day due to digitalization. Computers that mainly perform digitalization cannot read analog signals hence the need to convert analog signals.

ADC can be used where ever analog signals need to be converted to digital representation for example in audio, video streaming. A typical telephone modem makes use of an ADC to convert the incoming audio from a twisted line into signals computers that can then relate to.

ADC Breadboard Components Circuit Diagram

Analog signals are continuously variable signals representing physical measurements normally voltage. The voltage varies among a theoretically limitless number of values. Examples are sine waves, the waveforms representing human speech. Analog signals are used to transmit information through electric signals. Analog signal processing can be done in real time. Microphones and speakers are a perfect example of devices that transmit analog signals.

Digital signals are electrical signals that are converted into a pattern of bits or data. A digital signal has a defined value at each sampling point or state. The accuracy of the signal is determined by how many samples are recorded per unit of time or resolution.

Computers easily represent a digital signal because each sample can be defined with a series of bits that are state 1 (on) or 0 (off). Thus digital signals can be compressed and include additional information for error correction.

ADC is the conversion of continuous physical quantity or analog waveform into a discrete digital representation or binary. The conversion involves quantization of the input. ADC is defined as the range of frequencies it can measure (sampling rate) and how accurately it can measure a signal relative to the errors it introduces.

Higher sampling rates provide better estimation and therefore producing better quality digital output.

ADC0804 IC Structure

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