OVH SERVER BASEMENT (for the Server Engineers)
OVH Server Basement

OVH Server Basement simply helps you configure your webserver (i.e. Apache) virtual hosts, point and direct them to your desired './www' folder with sample working PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript files automatically linked together and ready for one to start developing their system.

These usually are series of steps under-taken right after operating system installation (in this case Ubuntu), Obtaining of a public IP Address ususally static then Webserver & Database.

Research Case Study:

Most enterprise organizations are adopting the web-based application infrastructure for their day-to-day business running. This is due to a number of reasons such as system mobility i.e. the fact that if a system is online, one can login and perform their normal tasks at any given time and any where for as long as they have internet connection. There are many more benefits that web-based or cloud applications have over the typical desktop software but they are out of scope of this project.

The way to access this web-based software remotely is via a public IP Address that is usually provided by the Internet Service Provider who are hosting the underlying dedicate server. In order to efficiently utilize this dedicated server, a web server such as Apache (Apache Software Foundation) or IIS (Microsoft) could be installed that will help with the virtualization through sharing of the one public IP Address that gets allocated to multiple different physical portions of the underlying dedicated server resources i.e. Folders or Directories.

OVH Server Basement Version 2.0 Main Menu This gets archived via something called domains and subdomains that point to certain folders through a method called web-server visualization. This means, in an Enterprise Organization that operates in four regions and has at-least fifteen branches per single region excluding its head office and its data center that comprises of at least 10 departments i.e. Operations Department, Credit Department, Logistics Department, and Fleet Department etc. we will end up having about (4 x 15) + 1 + n (where n = number of Organization Data CenterŐs Departments) domains and sub-domains registered for one IP Address pared with one Dedicated Server. A server engineer is usually required for these tasks to be completed carefully without affecting other sub-domains of this system.

In the real corporate world organizations must have at-least three (3) servers each pared with its own individual public IP Address. One server is for the live system, second is for the QA (Development and Testing Environment) and third is for the Backup System. This automatically implies that every organization will have to have a budget for a server engineer for about 3 x ((4 x 15) + 1 + n) times because these visualization steps have to be taken before the desired system can be implemented by Software Developers.

OVH Server Basement replaces the need of a Server Engineer by automatically presenting and configuring the web-server and redirecting to the actual physical location folders in the server hard-drive.


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