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Mr. Ray-Charles Sebola is encharge of the whole OVH Foundation Research Institute Global's Stake Holder Relations department.

With a passion to add value to business support, capacity building, market research and the events market in the Sub-Saharan region and abroad, Ray-Charles Sebola leaves an indelible mark as a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace.

Mr. Ray has vast amount of experience in research support, communications industry contributed immensely to his sharp business acumen, coupled his background in project management, resource economics and environmental science.


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Contact Details:

Mr. Ray-Charles Sebola is responsible for all OVH Foundation Gloabal enquiries.

He is also a founder of Afrimoh Group.
Ray-Charles Sebola OVH Foundation Global
Stake Holder Relations:

Ray-Charles Sebola

Tel: +27 73 524 3664 or