ICD-10 ( provided by WHO )

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ICD-10 simply stands for 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems and is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This is a list of codes format classification for diseases and medical diagnoses and their main function is to server as a standard way of indicating the reason for a visit to a healthcare provider whether private or public.

OVH Health Management System is now integrated with the world class standard ICD-10 codes in order to serve our previously dis-advantaged health institutions community on the public sector better.

ICD-10 Codes


1. Discovery Health
2. Wikipedia

ICD-10 Codes Downloads:

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Download ICD-10 Excel
Download ICD-10 Excel
Download ICD-10 CSV
Download ICD-10 .CSV

Contact Details:

Mr. Kanetani Johannes Mkhavele is responsible for all the ICD-10 integration related queiries.

He is also encharge of OVH Health's billing integrations between the OVH Health System and Medical Aid Schemes.
Kanetani Johannes Mkhavele Managing Director of OVH Health
(ICD-10 Department):

Kanetani Johannes Mkhavele

Tel: +27 82 682 3691
Email: mkhavelekj@yahoo.com