OVH Foundation Research Institute is a non-profit independent research institution with its main focus on software and problem-solving in the information technology sector.

Getting involved:

There are many ways both you or and your company can join and contribute into OVH Foundation Research Institute. We also accept donations of any sort from small amount or large amount and these can be paid via, Credit Card , PayPal, EFT or Check.

Research Projects:

Ways to join:

  1. » OVH Server Basement
  2. » OVH Health Management System
  3. » Farm Case Management System
  4. » OVH System Tray
  5. » Validation Matrix
  1. » Contribute your service & time
    (a) Support, Bug Trace & Training
    (b) Graphic Design
    (c) Coding & Software Development
    (d) Systems, API's & Website Documentation
  2. » Join OVH Foundation
    Become our Corporate or Individual member.
  3. » Donate to OVH Foundation

Universities, Colleges & other Academic Institutions:

OVH Foundation Research Institute provides funding in a form of bursary of ZAR 5 000.00 to any Postgraduate Degree (Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees) student who participates in any of the OVH Foundation projects mentioned above.

Download Research Invitation Proposal that you can hand to your supervisors as your research proposal.


The above document is an invitation proposal to University Of Cape Town's Computer Science Honour Degree students by one of OVH Foundation Corporate Member Spide Black Online.

NB: Other Corporate Companies are welcome to submit their projects proposals including the institution (s) they would prefare participate (s).

Criteria to join:

You need to be a Honours, Masters or Doctoral degree student currently registered to a University, College or any registered Academic Institution that is recognized by its state of residence as worl as the world-wide academic institution body.

Contact Details:


Ray-Charles Sebola Stake Holder Relations:
Ray-Charles Sebola

Tel: +27 73 524 3664
Rudzani Mulovhedzi OVH Health System:
Rudzani Mulovhedzi

Tel: +27 11 071 121


Brian Ndouvhada Executive Director of OVH Foundation Research Institute:
Brian Ndouvhada

Tel: +27 11 071 121